I've been trying to start a new hobby. Something that involves lots of skill and hard work but something I can be proud of the final result. I have decided to try sewing! DIY fashion. I want to feel the excitement of buying new fabric, finally figuring out how to do a new stitch, feeling…Read more Decisions



I've been working for a new employer for the past month and a half, and so far in my working life, it has been the best job I've ever had. The job I left in September, was one of the worst. I was a barista/ waitress, the role itself wasn't an issue. My employers were…Read more Torn

The Struggle

I love shopping. I also love the fact that nowadays its possible for me to be in the comfort of my pyjamas at home with a cup of tea and I'm able to shop. However, when it comes to shopping there is one thing I dislike so much wether it be in person or online.…Read more The Struggle

Moving On

Change to me always seems bittersweet. I've made the recent decision that I would like to move overseas to the United Kingdom. I only just started traveling last year and have been to a total of nine countries since. Travelling is now a large part of my life as I am constantly thinking "where to next?".…Read more Moving On